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Contributing to Bundler

Welcome to Bundler! We are so happy that you’re here. We know joining a new open source project can be daunting, so here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from this documentation.

Something missing? Send us a pull request!

Recommended first steps

You can start learning about Bundler by reading the documentation. If you want, you can also read a (lengthy) explanation of why Bundler exists and what it does.

How you can help: your first contributions!

A detailed overview of how to get started contributing to Bundler, including a long list of suggestions for your first project.

Bug triage

Want to take a stab at processing issues? Start here.

Getting help

How to get in touch with folks who can help when you’re stuck. Don’t worry! This happens to all of us. We’re really nice, we promise.

Filing issues

We see a lot of issues in the Bundler repo! Use this guide to file informative, actionable issues.


Learn more about our goals for the Bundler community and the ways you can help us build better together.