Command Line Reference

command applicable options
Installs the binstubs of the listed gem
Checks if the dependencies listed in Gemfile are satisfied by currently installed gems
Cleans up unused gems in your bundler directory
Retrieve or set a configuration value
Opens an IRB session with the bundle pre-loaded
Run the command in context of the bundle
Creates a skeleton for creating a rubygem
Displays detailed help for each subcommand
Generates a Gemfile into the current working directory
Add the named gem(s), with version requirements, to the resolved Gemfile
Install the current environment to the system
Opens the source directory of the given bundled gem
List installed gems with newer versions available
Locks and then caches all of the gems into vendor/cache
Displays platform compatibility information
Shows all gems that are part of the bundle, or the path to a given gem
Update the current environment
Prints version information
Generates a visual dependency graph
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