bundle install

Make sure all dependencies in your Gemfile are available to your application.
$ bundle install
Gems may be installed to system gems or BUNDLE_PATH (which defaults to ~/.bundle). Git repos will be checked out into to BUNDLE_PATH as well.
Install your dependencies to a location other than BUNDLE_PATH, in this case vendor/bundle.
$ bundle install vendor/bundle
Further bundle commands or calls to Bundler.setup or Bundler.require will remember this location
Learn More: Bundler.setup Learn More: Bundler.require
Install all dependencies except those in groups that are explicitly excluded.
$ bundle install --without development test
Learn More: Groups
Install all gems to BUNDLE_PATH, regardless of whether those gems are installed in your system. Bundler will not install gems already in system gems by default, so this is especially useful if you're trying to package up an application with all dependencies unpacked.
$ bundle install --disable-shared-gems

Install all gems into vendor/bundle, even gems that are already installed to your system and would normally be used from there instead of installed.
$ bundle install vendor/bundle --disable-shared-gems
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