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A New Bundler Website

by Jakub Kruczek on

Announcing… the new Bundler website! As part of Google Summer of Code 2016, Bundler has a new, prettier, and better website. The most visible changes are a completely new design and color scheme. In addition, the entire site is now responsive and easy to read on mobile devices using the Bootstrap framework.

The new Docs page provides a table of contents for the entire site, allowing you to choose between guides, command reference pages, and changelogs for each version. On each command page (e.g. bundle install), there is a new sidebar, allowing navigation not just between commands but also to previous versions of the same command.

There are also two new guides to go with the new website: Using Bundler In Applications written by me, and Developing a RubyGem using Bundler by Ryan Bigg (@radar).

The new site also includes some more improvements:

  • Command pages are now built from the Bundler repository instead of hand-written (where possible)
  • Commits to the master branch of bundler-site are now auto-deployed (via Travis)
  • Middleman has been updated to latest version
  • Every header in the guides and commands pages now has anchor links for navigation and reference
  • The site now supports multiple translations (although no translations have been completed yet)

Many thanks to Amy (@sailorhg), André (@indirect) and Samuel (@segiddins). Without their help, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Enjoy :D

~ Jakub (@kruczjak)