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About this Web site

Source code


Middleman 4.4 is the core system of this Web site. A half of source code is located in ./source, but the other half is located in rubygems/rubygems/tree/master/bundler/lib/bundler/man”, which would be retrieved by executing bundle exec rake man.

When the source code is merged to the default branch master on GitHub, Deploy job on GitHub Actions would automatically build source (HTML, JS, CSS and font) and push them to GitHub Pages. Deploy status can be followed in github-pages Deployment history. Custom domain is used to host (see also Managing a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site).

As seen above, you might sometimes take care about the difference in deploy methods between review apps and production. Unlike production mentioned above, review apps of this Web site rely on Heroku architecture, which run as middleman server.


While internationalization system was introduced in 2016, multilingualization is still ongoing. We welcome multilingualize more guides and other documentations. To get started, move some files existing in /source or create a file to /source/localizable to multiligualize files.

Becoming a maintainer of this Web site (namely rubygems/bundler-site)

If you want to be an official maintainer, start by helping out.

As a first step, we welcome you to create a few of pull requests to improve the Web site to the repo. Also new feature improvement proposals are welcome.

Edit this document on GitHub if you caught an error or noticed something was missing.