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October 2018 Bundler Update

by Stephanie Morillo on

Welcome to the October monthly update!

We released Bundler 1.17, which ships a new remove command (for removing gems from the command line), new command options, new events for Bundler plugins, and new environment variables. For a complete list of changes, check out the v1.17 release notes.

We also announced our new plan for Bundler 2.0, a new approach that we think the Bundler team and Bundler users will both be excited about. We’re planning to write more blog posts and documentation about Bundler 2, and push a prerelease preview for interested beta testers in the next week or two.

This month, Bundler gained 107 new commits, contributed by 10 authors. There were 473 additions and 156 deletions across 35 files.

Interested in contributing to Bundler? We always welcome contributions in the forms of triaging bugs, adding new features, writing docs, and engaging with the wider community. Visit the Bundler Contributor Guidelines on GitHub to get started. Don’t have time to contribute, but want to support our work? Sign up as a member of Ruby Together to help fund our work to keep Bundler working for everyone.