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bundle binstubs

bundle-binstubs - Install the binstubs of the listed gems

bundle binstubs GEM_NAME [--force] [--path PATH] [--standalone]


Binstubs are scripts that wrap around executables. Bundler creates a small Ruby file (a binstub) that loads Bundler, runs the command, and puts it into bin/. Binstubs are a shortcut-or alternative- to always using bundle exec. This gives you a file that can be run directly, and one that will always run the correct gem version used by the application.

For example, if you run bundle binstubs rspec-core, Bundler will create the file bin/rspec. That file will contain enough code to load Bundler, tell it to load the bundled gems, and then run rspec.

This command generates binstubs for executables in GEM_NAME. Binstubs are put into bin, or the --path directory if one has been set. Calling binstubs with [GEM [GEM]] will create binstubs for all given gems.


Overwrite existing binstubs if they exist.
The location to install the specified binstubs to. This defaults to bin.
Makes binstubs that can work without depending on Rubygems or Bundler at runtime.
Specify a different shebang executable name than the default (default 'ruby')
Create binstubs for all gems in the bundle.
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