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bundle doctor

bundle-doctor - Checks the bundle for common problems

bundle doctor [--quiet]


Checks your Gemfile and gem environment for common problems. If issues are detected, Bundler prints them and exits status 1. Otherwise, Bundler prints a success message and exits status 0.

Examples of common problems caught by bundle-doctor include:

  • Invalid Bundler settings
  • Mismatched Ruby versions
  • Mismatched platforms
  • Uninstalled gems
  • Missing dependencies


Only output warnings and errors.
The location of the Gemfile(5) which Bundler should use. This defaults to a Gemfile(5) in the current working directory. In general, Bundler will assume that the location of the Gemfile(5) is also the project's root and will try to find Gemfile.lock and vendor/cache relative to this location.
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