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bundle doctor

bundle-doctor - Checks the bundle for common problems

bundle doctor [--quiet]


Checks your Gemfile and gem environment for common problems. If issues are detected, Bundler prints them and exits status 1. Otherwise, Bundler prints a success message and exits status 0.

Examples of common problems caught by bundle-doctor include:

  • Invalid Bundler settings
  • Mismatched Ruby versions
  • Mismatched platforms
  • Uninstalled gems
  • Missing dependencies


Only output warnings and errors.
The location of the Gemfile(5) which Bundler should use. This defaults to a Gemfile(5) in the current working directory. In general, Bundler will assume that the location of the Gemfile(5) is also the project's root and will try to find Gemfile.lock and vendor/cache relative to this location.
This document is obsolete. See the latest version of this document if you caught an error or noticed something was missing, it may be fixed there.