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Documentation vision

Currently, documentation for using Bundler is spread across two places:

  1. built-in help (including usage information and man pages)
  2. Bundler documentation site

Additional documentation about using Bundler to publish gems can also be found on the RubyGems guides.


Bundler documentation should provide users with assistance:

  1. Installing Bundler
  2. Using Bundler to manage an application’s dependencies
  3. Using Bundler to create, package, and publish gems

Our goal is to provide three types of documentation:

  • High level overviews that provide topical guidance
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Command-specific reference material for the CLI

Additionally, this documentation should be readily available in a logical place and easy to follow.

Someday, we’d like to create deep-dive reference material about the inner workings of Bundler. However, while this is part of our overall vision for Bundler documentation, it is not the focus of our current work.

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