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Bundler Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in making Bundler better! We welcome contributions from everyone. Dozens of contributors like you have submitted feature improvements, fixed bugs, and written new documentation. Join the Bundler Slack community to connect with the Bundler core team and other contributors like you.

Before submitting a contribution, read through the following guidelines:

And be sure to set up your development environment.

Feature Requests

To request substantial changes to Bundler and/or Bundler documentation, please refer to the README in the RFC repository for instructions.

Contributing to Bundler

Here are the different ways you can start contributing to the Bundler project:

Supporting Bundler

RubyGems is managed by Ruby Central, a non-profit organization that supports the Ruby community through projects like this one, as well as RubyConf, RailsConf, and You can support Ruby Central by attending or sponsoring a conference, or by joining as a supporting member.

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