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bundle add

bundle-add - Add gem to the Gemfile and run bundle install

bundle add GEM_NAME [--group=GROUP] [--version=VERSION] [--source=SOURCE]


Adds the named gem to the Gemfile and run bundle install.


bundle add rails

bundle add rails --version "< 3.0, > 1.1"

bundle add rails --version "~> 5.0.0" --source "" --group "development"

bundle add rails --group "development, test"


--version, -v
Specify version requirements(s) for the added gem.
--group, -g
Specify the group(s) for the added gem. Multiple groups should be separated by commas.
--source, , -s
Specify the source for the added gem.
This document is obsolete. See the latest version of this document if you caught an error or noticed something was missing, it may be fixed there.