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bundle lock

bundle-lock - Creates / Updates a lockfile without installing

bundle lock [--update]


Lock the gems specified in Gemfile.


Ignores the existing lockfile. Resolve then updates lockfile. Taking a list of gems or updating all gems if no list is given.
Do not attempt to connect to Instead, Bundler will use the gems already present in Rubygems' cache or in vendor/cache. Note that if a appropriate platform-specific gem exists on it will not be found.
Prints the lockfile to STDOUT instead of writing to the file system.
The path where the lockfile should be written to.
Fall back to using the single-file index of all gems.
Add a new platform to the lockfile, re-resolving for the addition of that platform.
Remove a platform from the lockfile.
If updating, prefer updating only to next patch version.
If updating, prefer updating only to next minor version.
If updating, prefer updating to next major version (default).
If updating, do not allow any gem to be updated past latest --patch | --minor | --major.
If updating, use bundle install conservative update behavior and do not allow shared dependencies to be updated.

Updating All Gems

If you run bundle lock with --update option without list of gems, bundler will ignore any previously installed gems and resolve all dependencies again based on the latest versions of all gems available in the sources.

Updating A List Of Gems

Sometimes, you want to update a single gem in the Gemfile(5), and leave the rest of the gems that you specified locked to the versions in the Gemfile.lock.

For instance, you only want to update nokogiri, run bundle lock --update nokogiri.

Bundler will update nokogiri and any of its dependencies, but leave the rest of the gems that you specified locked to the versions in the Gemfile.lock.

Supporting Other Platforms

If you want your bundle to support platforms other than the one you're running locally, you can run bundle lock --add-platform PLATFORM to add PLATFORM to the lockfile, force bundler to re-resolve and consider the new platform when picking gems, all without needing to have a machine that matches PLATFORM handy to install those platform-specific gems on.

For a full explanation of gem platforms, see gem help platform.

Patch Level Options

See bundle update(1) for details.

This document is obsolete. See the latest version of this document if you caught an error or noticed something was missing, it may be fixed there.